FTSE 100 Companies – Live Data in a Spreadsheet

This tool gives you the latest financial data for stocks in the FTSE 100. Get the latest price, EBIDTA, dividend yield and more.

The 100 largest companies in the London Stock Exchange – that’s what you’re getting with the FTSE 100.

The index is full of blue chips stocks across many industries, such as oil and gas, mining and consumer goods. These companies operate across the globe.

Analysis often need the latest financial data for these companies, for fair value analysis, technical analysis, stock filtering or finding cheap income shares. This data is not often easily available in a computable format.

This is a list of the current constituents of the FTSE 100 (as of 8th March 2017).

This Excel spreadsheet downloads the latest financial information for every company in the FTSE 100. It’s prepopulated with the companies in the table above.

A series of drop-down menus let you choose the data you want; you can pick from the P/E ratio, PEG, 52-week trading range, dividend yield, EPS ttm and more.

An Excel spreadsheet that download financial data for the companies in the FTSE 100

The table of data is updated when you click the refresh button.

The data is computable – you could, for example, calculate the intrinsic value of a share, or find undervalued stocks by looking for low values of the PE, price-to-cash flow, and low price-to-book ratios.

If the members of the FTSE 100 change, then simply update the ticker list. That’s all there is!

This tool is driven by VBA. A great way to learn VBA is by studying and modifying existing code. Start with the code in this tool – the VBA in this tool is open to anyone to view, modify and learn from.

I would really appreciate a link to investexcel.net if you like this tool. Extra links and website traffic motivates me to write new spreadsheets.

Excel Spreadsheet to Retrieve Financial Data for all Companies in the FTSE 100

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