Dr. Emara has done a lot of advisory work for many ministries, government agencies and Egyptian banks, in addition to many Egyptian and international companies in Egypt and the Middle East as an independent financial advisor, especially in the processes of determining fair value in cases of public offering (IPOs, M&A, restructuring, bank loans . in the field of financing small projects And the medium (SMEs)is the work of an approved sponsor for companies wishing to be listed on the Nile Stock Exchange for small and medium enterprises. The last position to be held: Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Eagle Financial Consulting for securities authorized for the work of the independent financial advisor in accordance with the license of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority in the schedule specified for that under No, (17).
As for the career path, the practical advice began by working for one of the largest banks specialized in development, Med Bank (MIDB), from 1992 until 2008, during which several positions were included, starting from the banker in the banking sector until 1995 and then with the beginning of the implementation of the first privatization program and Revitalizing the capital Market After the issuance of the Capital Market Law 95 of 1992, he moved to work in the Capital Market sector and participated in many studies of companies offered for public subscription in the stock exchange and continued to work in the sector until 2008, during which several administrative positions were included.
In 2009, he established his private company, Eagle Financial Consulting, licensed to work as an independent financial advisor from the Financial Supervision Authority, in which he held the position of Chairman and CEO of the company to date.
As for his scientific career, he holds a professional doctorate degree (DBA) from Cairo University 2018 and previously obtained a professional master’s degree (MBA) in 2008 from the Arab Academy for Banking Sciences.
Participated in providing advice to many different economic sectors (industrial – service – commercial).